Naive Ambitions
20 years old | Tattoos | Ocean | Sex | Great At Making Mistakes | Better At Being The Mistake <3
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Of all the people in the world he loves you. You know he does. He doesn’t hide it so well. He walks next to you not in front of you or behind you, he’s there when you need him no matter what’s he’s doing. His love for you is epic. The only thing standing in the way is you. You’re so self destructive he knows if he gives you the chance you’ll destroy him. Even if you don’t mean to. If that were to happen it would completely destroy you. And neither of you deserve anymore pain.

But you wouldn’t be. And you would’ve gotten to grow up, and have the life that you wanted, the life that you deserve. And I know I didn’t use to get that but I do now, and I wanted that for you, Elena. And I would’ve gladly given it to you and let Matt die because I am that selfish.

(Source: thefoggylight)

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